let me take that metaphor of scientific evidence as a map and work it for a sec.

–sometimes i think the map does more harm more good. in that midwives can get so distracted by looking down and constantly checking the map, that they end up losing their client in the woods.

–sometimes midwives look at the map, and identify what looks like the shortest or most efficient way from point a to point b, and then they start coercing, manipulating and straight up demanding that the client follow the ‘best’ or most ideal route.   even though there are an infinite number of ways to get from point a to point b.

–sometimes midwives forget that a map is a representation of reality, not reality itself.  midwives start freaking out because there was supposed to be a tree here, or a bend in the road there (acc. to the map) , and they refuse to acknowledge that life happens, change is constant, and a symbol is not the same as the real thing.

–midwives refuse to admit that several versions of the map exists. and there are several versions because colonial historical violence (why is the us/europe centered?), because one cannot accurately represent a 4 dimensional world on a 2 dimensional plane, and because the map reflects for whom and to what purpose it was created.

–sometimes midwives are just too uneducated or lazy or tired to read a map properly in the first place.  you want truth?  truth is that i have talked to too many midwives who dont bother anymore to read the studies or surveys themselves, if their colleagues or mentors tells them that xyz has now been shown to do abc, these ‘evidence based’ midwives will parrot that without being able to cite a damn fact or study themselves. nevertheless being able to evaluate whether or not that study is relevant to the moment at hand.