we arent on the same team.  we may use some similar tactics.  but dont get it twisted.  just because both teams throw balls into baskets dont mean everyone on the court is on the same team.  feel me?

but see that analogy doesnt work because this isnt a game. this is life and death.

ive dealt with so much racism in the past few weeks from the staff of squat: a birth journal

from being told i was angry and aggressive.  that they were going to teach me a lesson about ‘expansion and positivity’ and a bunch of other crap that white people typically say as an overeactive response to finding out that not everybody thinks they are the center of the universe.

but here is something that i know that they obviously dont.  its not a very obscure lesson.  it is simply this — if you are supporting communities on the margins — if you are doing this in a good way, in a sustained way, in a way that is effective toward holding the space so that those communities can create their own liberation — then you will not be popular.  people will call you things like, angry and aggressive.

because in order for you to support communities and individuals, you have to work to stop the abuse that is holding them under water.  and stopping the abuse means stopping the abuser.  and the abuser is popular.  so you wont be.

folks are marginalized because other people have taken too much.  and when you start to have a real impact on folks lives, when they start to be re-centered, then that means other folks will have to be de-centered.  and those other folks will tell you, you are being angry and aggressive.

so here is where i figure you stand.  you are either

1. incredibly naive and arrogant.  have never done real solidarity work before.  and really do think that the reason that all those marginalized folks are marginalized is just because they arent positive and embracing enough.   and that you will show them how to do it right.

2. have no intentions of working in solidarity.  really just want to enhance your image.  and since you know being an all white magazine looks really really bad.  you are going to fix that with some charity and a couple of ‘political’ articles and a bunch of other cooked up schemes to give the illusion that you give a damn.

im really not sure which one you are.

i do know that i am not very interested in working with either.

so great there is another mainstream midwifery magazine.  like midwifery today, but the hipster version (!)

yeah like i said.  we are not on the same team.