so i have been in transition in my life in a lot of ways.  and am emerging.  which means that more traditional blogging has been put to the side so that i can work out/process/dive into what has been going on here in cairo.  i do tumble though and sometimes i even write about midwifery on the tumblog.  so here is a little something i wrote a few days ago:

wow i was just sitting here realizing in my bones how the professionalization, licensing, certifying of midwives really is a fucking insult to the granny midwives.  what does it mean that we are saying that these women are not/were not good enough to witness births?

i mean yeah its awesome that i know a bunch of scientific names for specific parts of the body and stuff.  im a biology geek, i dig random arcane knowledge.

but as for midwifing a birth, the most helpful shit i know is stuff like: follow the mama, take deep breaths, listen closely, everything in the universe has a rhythm, be grateful, be honest, hold the space and let it all go.

i really want to write about mindfulness and midwifery.  but i still cant find a way to approach it.  i just know that watching my mind and the universe has taught me a lot more about birth (and death) than all the books, lectures, workshops put together.  im not exagerating.

midwifery as a practice and an art like meditation.