so here are a few resources on pregnancy, birth, and early mamahood.  most of these women and organizations are heterosexual,white, US-based, economically-privileged and lack an anti-oppressive, anti-authoritarian analysis.  but they are good resources for learning some of the basics about the physicality and biology of birth.  as well as the practices of the natural birth movement and hospital policies/interventions.

i have starred* the ones that have a radical/anti-oppressive analysis

and i have placed an exclamation point! for the ones that center people of color


ina may gaskins’s books:  spiritual midwifery and guide to natural childbirth

penny simkin’s the birth partner

pam england’s birthing from within


gloria lemay


radical doula*!

cure this!*!


trust birth

moms rising*

the international center for traditional childbearing*!

advocates for pregnant women*

birth project usa*!

online learning sites:

sister zeus

unhindered birth

conscious woman

empowered childbirth

the online childbirth class

spinning babies