a series of explorations of bodies, movement, and breath:

1.sit or lay down.  and breathe.  just observe the way it feels to breathe.  breathe normally.  just observe the breath.

2.stand up and walk.  and watch the way another person walks.  perhaps you are looking at a crowd, focus on one person. perhaps you are watching someone walk across the hall.  perhaps you are walking behind someone.

watch the way their arms move.  the rhythm of their legs.  the tilt of their head.  the curve of their spine.  observe closely.  and when you have observed and learned their walk.  stand up and start to walk like them.  observe what changes you make to you walk in order to take on their walk.

3. listen to noise.  perhaps it is city noise or forest noise.  perhaps it is the cacophany of crowds passing by.  or the the hum of electrical appliances.  perhaps you rustle paper in your hands.  or the whine of radio static. listen to the noise carefully.  find the rhythm.  the melody.  find the patterns of sound.  breathe and listen.  until it is no longer just chaos but something fuller.  more alive.  music.

4. be still and breathe.  find one place in your body, one body part, one muscle, one organ, one stretch of skin that feels numb.  that doesnt have full sensation.  and breathe into that body place.  until you can feel it.